6 Ways Employee Health Software Can Benefit Retail & Manufacturing Companies

Tracking and reporting employee health has become more challenging, in light of staffing shortages, hybrid work arrangements, high employee turnover, supply chain issues, and continually evolving public health guidelines. Net Health® Employee Health software solution brings workplace health management and compliance together, while saving you time and dollars on cumbersome paper processes. Learn More.


About Net Health: You were called to care. To uplift. To make people feel whole again. The work you do makes a lasting impact and demands tools that uphold your high standards. We’re here to do just that. Net Health is reuniting caregivers with their calling. You know that time spent in documentation is less time focused on people. That’s why our Occupational Medicine and Employee Health solutions, are highly specialized to your unique workflow, compliance and financial requirements. Track and report COVID-19 exposures, leverage a secure telehealth portal and more. You make the difference, we help you do it.