New HIMSS Market Insights Research Reveals Workflow Automation Improves Employee and Patient Experiences

Gain insights obtained by HIMSS (Healthcare information and Management Systems Society) in collaboration with Laserfiche, that demonstrate how workflow automation and similar digital transformation technologies can help healthcare organizations streamline the patient experience.

Topics covered in this industry brief:

  • Discover what kinds of technologies healthcare organizations are already investing in, and what challenges lie ahead for them.
  • Learn how you can find you way around common digital transformation roadblocks by choosing the right process automation solution.
  • Find out why it’s critical for today’s industry leaders to automate their internal, back-office processes in addition to public-facing ones.
  • Explore the potential benefits of adding a process automation solution to your healthcare organization.

Read more of this industry brief that was co-produced with HIMSS to attain more of an understanding of how by implementing process automation and digital transformation initiatives, healthcare organizations can significantly impact care delivery and the patient experience – but they need the right interoperability capabilities in place to do so.