Frictionless Migrations from Broadcom/CA to BMC

Is your business facing a price increase to renew your existing contracts with Broadcom/CA, impacting your bottom line and creating future uncertainty? Due to its product bundling approach, it may be, since your contract renewal is directly tied to all other solutions in the Broadcom/CA offering—whether you use them or not.

If you’re exploring alternative solutions to Broadcom/CA, you might be concerned about the ability to adopt best-of-breed solutions that enhance and accelerateyour business’s digital transformation. BMC can solve for that, delivering not only the latest solutions that keep your business running at optimal performance, but also becoming a partner in your success.

To accelerate your business with frictionless migration, BMC provides the most robust solution set, recognized for its speed, agility, efficiency, and most of all, value, spanning mainframe management, automation, operation, multi-cloud, and IT service management (ITSM).