EMA RADAR Report: AIOps - A Guide for Investing in Innovation

The growing interest in AIOps over recent years is a positive sign for the market’s future, although the term itself has sometimes sparked controversy and confusion. The phrase “Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations” carries with it some rather head-scratching speculation that focuses, perhaps too much, on the heuristics underneath the hood of the car, rather than the direction in which it’s driving.

The prior industry term, “IT Operations Analytics,” seemed less distracting. EMA’s research over the years has leveraged the terms “Advanced Performance Analytics” and more recently “Advanced IT Analytics” in order to focus on the fact that it all often goes well beyond operations to span DevOps, IT service management (ITSM), SecOps, the IT executive suite, and even business stakeholders.

However, “AIOps” as a term is here to stay for the present. Many of the platforms covered in this report have branded themselves around it in keeping with marketing needs. Indeed, trying to rebrand what’s become industry standard is all too often a short road to failure and even more confusion.