Getting Started with AI Software

Business leaders have long understood that the vast amounts of data generated in the technology-driven era had the potential to become the source of their success. However, without technology capable of sifting through, prioritizing, and refining massive amounts of data, organizations lack the resources necessary to extract meaningful conclusions. And the rate of data generation is growing exponentially, with billions of sensors in retail stores, hospital equipment, smart cameras, manufacturing machinery, and more.

Whether it’s speech recognition in audio recordings, or information related to shopping behaviors, movies watched, or boxes moved, the data collected can be used to inform real-time actions and serve as use cases in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, recommender systems, and more.

To derive insights from all this data, organizations need substantial compute power, coupled with developer tools and optimized algorithms. NVIDIA® GPU-powered laptops, workstations, and servers solve the compute requirements.. And now, with pre-trained AI models, application frameworks, and tools like NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit and NVIDIA TensorRT™, your team can transform volumes of data into competitive insights.