Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Amazon Web Services

A few years ago, most CIOs would hesitate at the idea of putting their mission-critical Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data in the public cloud.

Now, the public cloud is a proven, secure, and reliable option for even the most sensitive data. Enterprises have been successfully migrating their ERP environments to public clouds to gain benefits, including increased agility and lower costs.

Vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have invested heavily in Oracle. AWS has optimized its storage and compute platforms to meet the I/O requirements of even the largest Oracle databases, making it easy for you to adapt your environment to meet changing business demands.

Despite these advances, many CIOs are unclear on the best path to AWS and lack the internal resources necessary to plan and execute a cloud transformation.

This eBook outlines how to migrate your Oracle EBS environment to AWS. You will learn:

  • How IT executives can drive business agility by migrating on-premises ERP to the cloud
  • The limitations of on-premises Oracle EBS hosting
  • How to leverage the features of AWS for Oracle EBS workloads
  • If you are prepared to migrate your Oracle EBS environment to AWS (and what to do if you’re not ready)
  • 7 things to look for in a migration partner
  • The key to a fast, secure migration
  • How to measure the success of an Oracle EBS migration