The ROI of Unified Customer Data

In early 2020 Aberdeen surveyed 405 customer experience (CX) leaders around the  world, across different industries, and within companies of all sizes. The survey  revealed that 78% of companies are not satisfied with their ability to use  customer data to achieve their objectives. When asked why they struggle using CX  data, firms cited insufficient data. Ironically, the same survey revealed that one out of  two businesses use at least 10 channels (e.g., web, email, social media, phone) in  their CX activities. While companies have a wealth of insights at their disposal, outdated technologies and lagging processes hinder use of data in CX programs. In  fact, the second top challenge cited by respondents was poor data quality or, in other  words, the data available not being relevant or timely for employees to use in their  activities.

This thought-provoking knowledge brief from Aberdeen demonstrates how building a unified view of customer and CX data across all sources can transform your results.