Enhance Remote Access Security With Multifactor Authentication and Access Management

Per Gartner, “The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly hastened the move toward remote work and thus the need to implement secure remote access for large workforces. Security and risk management leaders should invest in MFA and access management for all kinds of remote access, and plan for rapid scaling.”

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  • The challenges of securing remote access, such as the need to implement consistent identity and access management controls that VPN, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)/desktop as a service (DaaS), Zero Trust network access (ZTNA) or cloud access security broker (CASB) alone cannot provide
  • The importance of implementing MFA and the challenge of rapidly provisioning robust MFA options at scale
  • Actionable recommendations for how security and risk management (SRM) leaders should approach identity and access management

Gartner, Enhance Remote Access Security With Multi-factor Authentication and Access Management, 6 May 2020, Art Allan, Rob Smith, Michael Kelley