Application Modernization in the Enterprise: Architectural, Operational & Delivery Impacts

Many organizations begin their modernization journey by migrating to the cloud, but miss out on the full value of the cloud by not taking advantage of modern processes like DevOps, or technologies like serverless or containers. In this paper, IDC evaluates the current state of the market, and how modernization impacts architectural patterns, operational models, and software delivery processes in the enterprise. With a deep dive into Expedia's cloud experience, IDC explores the business imperatives that drove their decision to modernize and the role that a modular architecture has had in dramatically improving their ability to test and deliver new features faster.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • How a modular architecture can improve your time to market, improve agility, and enable end-to-end security
  • The steps to take in modernizing, including how and when to acquire new skills, analyze your existing portfolio, and accelerate your software delivery life cycle
  • How modularity enabled Expedia to reuse common components across teams and run AB tests at scale

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