5 Steps to a Winning Technology Skills Strategy

Responsible for their organization’s speed, growth, innovation and efficiency, CIOs are tasked with more today than ever before—in a market that isn’t all that forgiving.

With the rate of change driving new competitive dynamics, new business models and new markets, CIOs must focus on making sure teams have the capabilities to execute on all of these opportunities fast.

Technology skills development is the key to succeeding in this.

A mature technology skills strategy will separate the leaders from the laggards at an increasing pace going forward. Leaders winning at this today understand that without the right skills in place—and a system to keep them finely tuned—they risk having delayed projects and excessive spending, and they’ll be unable to adapt to the market.

The consequences of failure will be hefty, and widespread. IDC believes that by 2020, lack of tech skill development will impact 90% of all organizations with adjusted project plans, delayed product/service releases, incurred costs or lost revenue totaling $390 billion annually, worldwide.