20 Patterns to Watch for in Your Engineering Team

If you’re an engineering leader looking for opportunities to coach and celebrate teammates, or to spot bottlenecks and debug your development process with data, this book will help.

20 Patterns draws together some of the most common team behaviors we’ve observed in working with hundreds of engineering organizations—providing straightforward and actionable advice on how to respond to each situation, so your team can spend less time waiting on others and more time working on what matters.

Some of the patterns in this book include:

Scope Creep: A pattern whereby the originally agreed upon scope increases or changes after implementation has begun.
Clean As You Go: Engineers who will notice and refine shortcomings even if it’s not essential to the task at hand.
Knowledge Silos: When a small group of engineers only review each other’s work—they don’t review anyone else’s work on the team, and no one else reviews the work of those who make up the silo.
Long-Running PRs: Pull requests that have been open for a very long time (typically more than a week).