The State of Upskilling

Continual improvement is more critical than ever for organizations seeking to maintain a competitive edge. It’s not just products and services that need to be ever evolving, though—leaders and employees alike must implement a technology skill development strategy to keep pace with technology change and deliver faster and more innovative solutions.

We surveyed more than 1,500 technology executives and practitioners across eight countries to understand the state of upskilling today, so you can make better decisions for your organization’s future. Our research revealed key disparities between the upskilling needs of employees and the approaches leaders are taking.

Without alignment between leaders and team members within your organization on how to best tackle technology skill development, you won’t benefit as drastically and efficiently as you could, and risk losing ground in a competitive market.

In this report, dive deeper into the state of technology skill development to see where employee needs can better align with organizational strategies and how to maximize the impact of aligning tech skill development to your company’s initiatives.