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White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Creating a DevOps-Centric Business Culture

Today, DevOps has been adopted in varying degrees for an overwhelming number of mid-sized and enterprise organizations.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Leveraging Public Cloud to Operationalize Security While Confronting Today’s Workplace Realities

Today, unprecedented numbers of people are working from home, including thousands of security specialists charged with the responsibility of protecting organizations from cyberattacks.

Lead Gen | Presented by Splunk

Market Share Analysis: ITOM, Performance Analysis Software, Worldwide, 2019

The $12.4 billion performance analysis software market has been witnessing a shift from domain-centric applications (focusing on one area, such as network traffic) to a more product-centric view of applications and services that shows the impact of performance on end users and business outcomes.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Take IT Operations To The Next Level With AIOps

Applying machine learning to incident management workflow creates order from complexity.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Using Modern IT Service Delivery Practices to Drive KPI Defined Business Outcomes

COVID-19 has accelerated many digital transformation projects.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Splunk

The Changing Threat Landscape After COVID-19

Organizations need to understand that all data is security-relevant, and defending against threats involves every department in a company.