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White Paper | Presented by INFINIDAT

Are milliseconds costing you millions?

Time is Money for Mission-Critical Applications Consistent, ultra-low latency helps you: ● Maximize sales ● Boost productivity ● Improve customer satisfaction ● Capitalize on data-driven insights faster Want to learn how Infinidat can help show organizations like yours how? Download this IDC Market Note.

White Paper | Presented by INFINIDAT

A software-defined data center solution for overcoming IoT security threats

While the adoption of Edge and IoT devices is at the forefront of digital transformation, IoT device networks significantly expand the security attack surface, putting enterprise networks at risk. Download this white paper to learn about a new software-defined data center platform that reduces the risk, liability exposure, and reputational damage associated with IoT Edge security breaches.

White Paper | Presented by INFINIDAT

Consolidate Storage. Improve Availability. Lower Costs.

As data growth continues to accelerate across all industries, companies will have to continuously wrestle with an increasing demand for data storage. Download this whitepaper to discover the benefits of consolidation with modern storage systems. Begin to plot a course toward: ● Maintaining a competitive advantage ● Keeping pace with application performance requirements while protecting data assets

White Paper | Presented by INFINIDAT

Do you have a Winning IT Infrastructure Strategy?

Market conditions are changing fast bringing new risks and challenges for IT leaders. Those that embrace uncertainty, minimize exposure, and keep the business agile will be best positioned to overcome the challenges of the day. Download this white paper to learn: ● Practical ways to mitigate risk in your IT infrastructure ● Criteria for developing an IT strategy for uncertain times ● Which IT infrastructure strategies deliver best when dealing with unknowns

eBook | Presented by INFINIDAT

ESG Technical Validation: Enterprise-class Data Protection with InfiniGuard from Infinidat

Recover Critical Workloads Quickly and Confidently: Learn how to reduce the risk of losing data after a ransomware attack, hardware failure, or disaster. When it comes to real-world performance, InfiniGuard exceeds expectations and delivers enterprise-class data protection and cyber resilience at petabyte-scale with extremely fast restore speeds.

Analyst Report | Presented by INFINIDAT

Get your free copy of the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage

Infinidat Named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Download your copy now to learn: ● Gartner’s perspective on the evolution of the primary storage market ● Gartner’s perceived strengths and cautions with respect to various players in the market ● Which factors you need to consider when selecting the data storage solution that’s right for you and your business

Case Study | Presented by INFINIDAT

How does Offsite reduce the cost of delivering enterprise IT services? An Infinidat Case Study

When the forward-thinking infrastructure and IT solutions provider, OFFSITE, needed to expand its data storage capacity, it selected Infinidat’s enterprise storage solution for the ability to deliver ultra-fast, yet more cost-effective services to its clients.

Case Study | Presented by INFINIDAT

How does Petco stay ahead of the pack? An Infinidat Case Study

Case Study: How Petco ahead of the pack amidst fierce competition in the $90B pet care market. Learn more about how Infinidat’s built-in system redundancies have ensured that Petco has had zero downtime in 3 years.

Video/Webcast | Presented by INFINIDAT

How safe is your data?

Is your organization’s data protected against all possible threats? What would happen if it wasn’t? If you are not feeling comfortable with your answers, watch this educational session on modern data protection.

Video/Webcast | Presented by INFINIDAT

How to achieve and exceed your SLAs using replication

Want to achieve and exceed your SLAs? How about taking data availability to the next level? Watch this on-demand webinar and get a guided tour of Infinidat’s replication technologies, including how they are interrelated and how you can quickly and easily switch between them.

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