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Forrester - Spotlight for The TEI™ Of IBM Hybrid IT Support (2021)

The purpose of the study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of IBM MVS on their organizations.

Gartner Market Guide for DRaaS

DRaaS is a great option for infrastructure and operations leaders who want to cost-effectively improve IT resilience, meet compliance or regulatory requirements, and address resource deficiencies.

IDC Paper: Five Key Technologies for Enabling a Cyber Resilience Framework

This white paper further describes how cyber-resilience practices can help enterprises defend against those risks and recover from breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way.

IDC Research "The Business Value of IBM Open Source Support"

IDC research conducted on a selection of open source software technologies that have commercial support options available, compared the experience customers had when using those open source software technologies both with and without the commercial support. The collection of open source software solutions considered in this research is a suite of technologies for which IBM offers commercial support services.

Optimize data center maintenance for your hybrid cloud environment

Why so many companies turn to IBM Services as their technology partner for IT support.

Technical brief: IBM Cloud Resiliency Consulting Services

Realign your resilience strategy for maximum adaptability and risk mitigation.

Technical brief: IBM Resiliency Disaster Recovery as a Service

Mitigate business continuity risks in your hybrid multicloud journey.

Transforming Business with Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Join Eric Burgener, Research VP, Infrastructure Systems at IDC, and Ian Shave, Director, Worldwide Distributed Storage Sales at IBM, as they explore the many challenges (and rewards) of transforming business with hybrid IT infrastructure.

SoD the Right Way: Out with the Old, In with the New

Role-based Separation of Duties (SoD) has made risk modeling very difficult in most Identity Governance projects. Organizations continue to struggle with unmanageable, inefficient, and confusing roles. Roles are right for provisioning access but wrong for modeling risk. Join this webinar to learn why it’s time to start aligning risk to business activities. Business Activity-Based Policy Modeling presents an auditor-friendly view of SoD policies and violations. Business activities are fast, efficient, and easy. Hear from Marco Venuti, CTO, Identity Governance for IBM Security to learn more.