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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with Data Virtualization

Advanced data science techniques, like machine learning, have proven to be extremely useful to derive valuable insights from your data. Data Science platforms have become more approachable and user friendly.

Data Virtualization: An Introduction

In this webinar we intend to help you understand not only what Data Virtualization is but why it's a critical component of any organization's data fabric and how it fits.

Data Virtualization: The Modern Data Integration Solution

Data virtualization is a modern data integration approach that is already meeting today’s data integration challenges. This paper covers the fundamental challenge, explains why traditional solutions fall short, and introduces data virtualization as the core solution.

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Data Visualization for Dummies

Data virtualization is a modern approach to data integration. It transcends the limitations of traditional techniques by delivering a simplified, unified, and integrated view of trusted business data in real time or near-real time, as needed by consuming applications, processes, analytics, or business users.

Six Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric

This checklist describes six important capabilities of the logical data fabric to deal with modern data management and analytics efforts that will include multiple platforms, new data types and sources, and more advanced analytics.