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Deep Visibility and Software-Defined Micro-Segmentation

The recent rise in security incidents can be largely attributed to the emergence of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

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Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

This Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security explores key concepts and benefits of zero trust security with a focus on visibility into network traffic, micro-segmentation, and protection of cloud workloads, endpoints, and applications.

Micro-Segmentation Transforms Zero Trust and Least Privilege Principles to Reliable Practices

The principles of zero trust and least privilege provide a pathway to taming the rapidly expanding and highly dynamic attack surface area brought on by cloud adoption and remote work.

PCI-DSS Compliance Technical Brief

PCI-DSS compliance can be challenging. This technical brief details how ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust enables organizations to see, protect

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Securing Point of Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity For Retailers

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems as they are vulnerable to advanced attacks and can cripple businesses instantly.

Zero Trust Through a Business Lens

Let’s face it: The cybersecurity industry has not served its clients well. Despite spending millions of dollars on security solutions, organizations are still left with enormous gaps