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Accelerating SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud Platform

Reduce costs, simplify complexities and gain resiliency with Cognizant and GCP.

AI-Ready Enterprise Platform

NVIDIA and VMware have formed a strategic partnership to transform the data center to bring AI and modern workloads to every enterprise.

Doing business intelligently with a new ERP foundation

A connected and intelligent core sharing information across the enterprise value chain is an imperative for businesses to stay relevant and drive business value.

Enhance Customer Engagement with CoreInteract for Microsoft Teams

CoreInteract adds Enterprise Customer Engagement capabilities to Microsoft Teams.  Learn more here.

Jump-start Your SAP Modernization with Google Cloud and Cognizant

SAP applications are the digital lifeblood of many businesses, so it’s no surprise that some organizations are loath to tinker with what is running satisfactorily.

Palantir Edge AI

This paper explores the three stages of edge AI sophistication: collect, learn and act. Learn how Palantir Edge AI is designed for every stage of this progression so that organizations are able to make AI-driven decisions at the edge.

Scaling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workloads

The business opportunities that can be achieved by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are exceptionally promising and potentially equally rewarding.

Top 3 DX Challenges Canadian Organizations Need to Address

What challenges are Canadian organizations having to contend with in digital transformation efforts? This IDC report presents some common challenges in DX and suggestions for moving forward.

White Paper | Presented by HELPSYSTEMS

2021 Ransomware Guide

Though ransomware is not a new type of malware, it is becoming ever more pervasive and ransom demands are only getting higher.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

8 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

Ask your cloud provider these eight questions to explore their ability and understanding to drive your business’s digital transformation.

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