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White Paper | Presented by AWS

Accelerate the AWS Cloud Journey with Security Confidence

Companies are accelerating cloud migration as they look for every possible competitive advantage, from cost efficiencies to the ability to quickly scale and respond to shifting business needs.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Data Analytics Tools: Top 10 Pricing Guide

Learn about the features and capabilities included in the most popular data analytics tools. Get this guide to compare the features, costs, and limitations of SelectHub’s top 10 picks for business analytics software tools.

White Paper | Presented by Contentstack

Creating Personalized Customer Journeys with a Digital Experience Platform and Headless CMS

Welcome to the Future of Digital Content. The world has moved on from generic, static websites to dynamic, personalized experiences spanning a myriad of digital channels, including mobile, web, and IoT.

White Paper | Presented by Contentstack

Traditional vs. Headless CMS — Never Settle

We’ll show you how a headless CMS, like Contentstack, enables you to increase productivity and create more amazing digital experiences faster.

White Paper | Presented by McAfee

Microsoft Teams: Top 10 Security Threats

In this paper, McAfee discusses the top threats resulting from Teams use along with recommended actions.

Taking the Right Actions Faster: Enhanced Threat Intelligence in McAfee™ Deployments

The volume of available threat data has increased dramatically over the last decade, gradually becoming a cacophony of noise.

White Paper | Presented by AWS

The business imperative for migrating SAP to the cloud — at your own pace

For organizations looking to improve operations and gain competitive advantage, the next phase of digital transformation involves shifting business-critical applications, including SAP workloads, to the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by Netgear

NETGEAR's networking is a perfect fit for healthcare

The healthcare profession depends on reliable connectivity more than ever. It’s vital in helping hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices and other care centers manage their day-to-day schedules.

White Paper | Presented by Netgear

Wireless – connecting local government

NETGEAR has extensive experience in the public sector and is here to help both end-users and their resellers make the most of what wireless has to offer: secure, flexible, affordable, easy-to-use and reliable products and services with excellent performance.

White Paper | Presented by Netgear

Wireless for Education

NETGEAR ‘s Wireless access points are a perfect fit for education – Find out why!

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