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Embracing the Hybrid Workplace

In a world where nothing is certain, businesses must be prepared to enable employee communication and collaboration from anywhere, at any time and on any device. The best way to do this is by enabling a hybrid workplace.

Optimize Your Technology And Strategy For A Virtual And Hybrid Events-Dominated Future

The pandemic has forever redefined marketing event strategy. COVID-19 forced marketers around the world to quickly pivot to virtual events, and as the pandemic winds down, there’s no returning back to “normal.”

Analyst Report | Presented by Onapsis

Defend your Business-Critical SAP Applications from Active Threats

This joint report developed by Onapsis and SAP highlights active threat activity seeking to specifically target, identify and compromise organizations running unprotected SAP applications, through a variety of cyberattack vectors.

Analyst Report | Presented by Onapsis

Defend your Business-Critical SAP Applications from Active Threats

Onapsis & SAP just released a new threat intelligence report to help SAP customers protect from active cyber threats seeking to target, identify and compromise organizations running unprotected SAP applications. Key findings of this research report include:

Analyst Report | Presented by Workhuman

6 Ways to Retain Your People

Are you worried about flight risks in your organization and competitors poaching your top talent? In a report by the Workhuman® Analytics and Research Institute, 21% of employees said they were looking for a new job.

Analyst Report | Presented by Workhuman

One Year Into COVID: The Pandemic’s Impact on How We Work

Over the past year, the workplace has undergone unprecedented change. More employees are working remotely, and those working on-site are coping with pandemic-related restrictions and guidelines.

Empower Sales with End-to-End Digital Workflows

IT must collaborate with sales leaders to develop new digital transformation initiatives that redefine how sales teams engage with customers, convert prospects, and close deals.

eSignatures Drive the Last Mile in Document-Centric Business Process Transformation: A Guide to Resiliency and Efficiency

We often hear from companies that they are well along their way to digitizing their document-centric business processes, but they aren’t sure what the next step is and know that they could be doing more to advance their business.

Forbes: Accelerated Enterprise: Leading and Winning With The New Hybrid Workforce

This report, a collaboration between Adobe and Forbes Insights, is informed by survey findings based on 500 CIO and CXO respondents from NA and EMEA.

IDC: Electronic Signatures Accelerate Business

From business to nonprofits and government services – organizations cannot afford disruption of vital documents.

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