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eBook | Presented by OneLogin, Inc.

How Identity and Access Management Can Help Save Your Organization Time, Money, and Resources

It is possible to implement a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that not only keeps your business secure, but also saves time and money.

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Optimizing Your Remote Employees’ Extended Network

This ebook offers three key points for organizations to consider when selecting IT solutions to optimize the environment for remote workers. 

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

The Complete Guide to Modern IT Operations

Get the info you need for defining your modernization strategy in this ebook. 

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Coming Out on Top: Hybrid Cloud Strategies for Success ebook

This ebook explores the benefits of hybrid cloud and lays out key strategies to consider when adopting a hybrid cloud approach. 

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Embracing a Multicloud Environment

Most organizations today rely on multiple cloud platforms.

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

The 5 Attributes of a Modern Security Program

This ebook highlights key factors to consider when creating a comprehensive security strategy and outlines five attributes of a modern security program.

eBook | Presented by UJET

Modern CX for Digital and Mobile Natives

In this e-book, UJET will explain how messaging  is a part of the embeddable experience, the importance of seamless information gathering with the smartphone, and the necessity of the connected journey on a single device.

eBook | Presented by Tonkean Inc.

[eBook] The Ultimate RevOps Guide: 5 Strategies to Increase Sales Velocity

Increase alignment across all parts of the revenue generation process, while eliminating barriers to collaboration and closing deals.

eBook | Presented by Votiro

The Biggest Cyber Threat to Health Insurance Companies in 2020

This ebook attempts to paint a comprehensive picture of the file-borne threat crisis facing health insurance companies due to the tight connection with medical institutions and the immense number of files shared and transferred between the two groups.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Creating a modern analytics architecture eBook

Check out this eBook by AWS to learn how modern data lake analytics help organizations identify and act upon opportunities more quickly, grow business faster, attract and retain more customers, and make better-informed decisions.

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