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eBook | Presented by Kivuto

Optimizing Digital Resource Management in Higher Education

COVID-19 has put academic institutions under unprecedented financial strain – and IT in a unique position to push for strategic investments.

eBook | Presented by Verizon

Improve Your Threat Protection With A Strong Acceptable-Use Policy And Mobile Security

An acceptable-use policy (AUP) is a set of guidelines for acceptable ways an employee is permitted to use the internet, a network or a connected device. Here are nine steps to take to start building your AUP.

eBook | Presented by Aktana

5 Steps to Intelligent Omnichannel Engagement

A practical playbook for transitioning to the next-generation commercial model

eBook | Presented by Seagate Technology

Hyberscale Storage TCO

Data is fueling digital transformation across industry sectors, and companies large and small are in a race to monetize precious information.

eBook | Presented by SoftServe & AWS

Modernize with VMware Cloud on AWS

This Ebook highlights how VMware Cloud on AWS Enables you to scale rapidly, improve elasticity, become more efficient, and modernize your business operations. We take a look at WHY, different solutions and a success story.

eBook | Presented by SoftChoice & AWS

Understanding licensing before moving your first workload to cloud eBook

Understand how to manage your Windows and VMware licensing by downloading our ebook, ”Understanding licensing before moving your first workload to the cloud”.

eBook | Presented by Rollbar, Inc

2021 The State of Software Code Report

We surveyed nearly 1,000 developers across the U.S. to find out, and uncovered key trends and insights.

eBook | Presented by Rollbar, Inc

Maintaining Software Quality with Microservices

 In this eBook, we’ll take a look at the strategies for moving to a microservices based architecture, and how to maintain quality during that transition.

eBook | Presented by Oracle

4 Big Moves Finance Should Make Right Now

How can finance leaders overcome disruption and pivot toward growth? Here are the four strategic moves that experts say they should make now.

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

Get an Office 365 experience your users will love

Your users deserve an Office 365 experience that helps them collaborate more effectively and work more efficiently.

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