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Break the Replatform Cycle with MACH Enterprise Architecture

The ebook Break the Replatform Cycle with MACH Enterprise Architecture explains what MACH means, how businesses benefit, and when and how companies should transition to MACH technologies.

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Building High-Performing Agile Teams and Release Trains

Download “Building High-Performing Agile Teams and Release Trains” to answer important questions such as, 'What is an Agile team?' and 'How do you scale beyond an Agile team?'.

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Enterprise Kanban for Scaling Agile Teams

Download this eBook for the five benefits of using enterprise Kanban to create teams of teams (or Agile Release Trains) for your Agile transformation.

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How to Identify Your Value Streams: The value behind the business

The concept of making a shift from organizing around projects to thinking in terms of products or Value Streams may seem like a monumental change, but if you break it down, it’s attainable and achievable. Download the “How to Identify Value Streams” eBook now!

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Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise

Download the Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise whitepaper to learn how Lean Portfolio Management will help your organization embrace new ways of working, unify and rollup financials across the business, and orchestrate transformation at the speed and work-style that is right for your enterprise.

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Securing AWS with MVISION CNAPP eBook

At the end of the day, the security of what cloud customers put in the cloud—most importantly sensitive data—is their responsibility. 

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The 7 Benefits for Scaling Agile: The Key Steps to Implementation Across Your Organization

Download “The 7 Benefits of Scaling Agile” to learn more about the benefits of scaling Agile and how to implement it across your enterprise.

Modern Storage Consideration for the Cloud Era

Consider these tips for creating a modern, agile, and responsive data management strategy for your organization. 

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Fact-Check Your Ransomware Assumptions

Our eBook, Fact-Check Your Ransomware Assumptions, explains the importance of establishing an effective security program for your organization and taking an integrative view of risk management to avoid the impact of ransomware.

eBook | Presented by Covail

Meaningful, Action-Oriented Cyber Threat Intel

Learn the facts on how threat intelligence is essential for real operational risk of vulnerability management.

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