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Top 10 Criteria For Selecting A Managed Services Provider : How Cloud And Managed Services Help Deliver IT Business Value

How can you ensure that you are making an informed decision when you’re evaluating a managed services provider?

eBook | Presented by BlueJeans by Verizon

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Event Solution

In the market for a new webinar or virtual events solution? Use this guide to select a product that supports your needs to make a lasting connection with your audience.

eBook | Presented by BlueJeans by Verizon

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Cloud Video Interop Solution for Teams

Looking to bring the power of Teams video meetings to your existing room system investments and worried about a long, expensive transition? Cloud Video Interop (CVI) might be the solution for you!

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

Guide to Cloud Management Technical Requirements, Staffing, and Budget Planning

76% of IT leadership underestimates the cost & effort of cloud management. Companies that understand the time and investment needed to operate on the cloud gain a significant competitive advantage, mitigate risk, and are better positioned to scale and optimize to ensure long-term success.

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

How to Reboot Your Cloud Migration Projects: Why Cloud Projects Stall & How to Fix It

90% of CIOs say their cloud migration projects aren't going according to plan. What should you do if your cloud projects are stalled, delayed, over-budget, or tied up in red tape?

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

Migrating SaaS Applications to the Cloud

If you're migrating a SaaS application to the public cloud, changing from a single-tenant to multi-tenant model isn't always a viable option. How can you migrate SaaS applications without refactoring — and still get the benefits of the cloud?

eBook | Presented by Splunk

APIs in Action: A Guide to Monitoring APIs for Performance

Read the APIs in Action e-book to learn about the basic functions of APIs.

eBook | Presented by Workhuman

4 Ways to Attract and Retain Great Talent

The competition for top talent remains fierce. Finding and retaining highly skilled employees will continue to be a key challenge for the foreseeable future — intensified by an ever-widening skills gap.

eBook | Presented by Workhuman

5 New Ideas to Extend DE&I Beyond a One-Time Training

Following the historic social unrest of this past year, many businesses have recommitted to prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

eBook | Presented by Workhuman

How to Create a Culture of Connection in a Hybrid Work Environment

The last year and a half has been a waiting game. Waiting for the pandemic to subside, waiting to see our friends, family, and coworkers, and waiting to get back to normal.

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