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Video/Webcast | Presented by Lightyear

Enterprise Telecom – How to Navigate Today’s Carrier Ecosystem Effectively

The status quo for enterprise telecom features little to no provider and price transparency, manual workflows, error-prone installations, and in many cases poor customer support.

Five Key Considerations For A Hybrid Workplace Transformation

A hybrid workforce model is an arrangement whereby some employees work in a fixed corporate location, others work remotely, and the remainder alternate between office and remote work, as the situation requires.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

How Financial Services are Accelerating Core Modernization

For many financial services firms, digital transformation means modernizing core systems. In fact, 80% have begun core modernization efforts, driven by the high cost of ongoing ownership. In this white paper from Red Hat and IDG, you’ll discover what recent research unveiled about which core systems should be extended, which should be renewed with modern independent software vendor solutions, and which should be reinvented entirely.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

How Financial Services Can Stay Ahead of Their Customers’ Needs

In financial services, there are few things more important than providing an excellent customer experience. But the way in which customers interact with financial services companies is rapidly changing and becoming more reliant on digital channels. Read this research report from Red Hat and IDG to discover how hybrid environments provide financial services firms with unparalleled agility to build and manage applications with the performance, accessibility, and flexibility needed to meet constantly changing customer expectations.

Hybrid Work – A Friend or Foe of ESG?

The widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work models promises to have a significant impact on workplaces moving forward.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

Overcoming AI and ML Roadblocks in Financial Services

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become critically important to financial services companies —86% say it’s important to their success in the next two years. A recent survey from Red Hat and IDG explores the challenges around AI and ML deployment, and offers hope for overcoming obstacles to putting AI and ML models into production. Read the report here.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Okta

Stop Account Takeovers and Identity Attacks

In the era of digital business, success hinges on the ability to deliver a great customer experience. But reliance on complex and ineffective passwords is preventing many organizations from achieving that goal.

The Balanced Scorecard : Repurposing a time-tested strategic framework for the New Model of Work

Practitioners now face crucial decisions in strategic leadership and managing competing interests as many organizations transition to hybrid working models. The traditional corporate workplace is undergoing a paradigm shift, and the balanced scorecard can help to navigate the route to the new model of work.

eBook | Presented by Ayla Networks

4 Things to Consider When Selecting an IoT Platform Provider

In this article, we will cover the four things that you, the OEM, need to consider when you are launching an IoT product.

Ayla FastTrack-Removing Barriers to IoT Adoption & Success

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