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Critical Event Management Capabilities Drive Organizational Resiliency Amidst Uncertainty

The world continues to experience rapid, momentous changes at an unprecedented pace and scale. COVID-19 is an excellent example. When COVID-19 hit, the need for many companies to strengthen organizational resilience became clear.

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ESIM Activation on iPad for Beginners

Cellular devices are front and center in the new landscape where work from home, learn from home and care at home are the norms and not the exceptions.

Securing DevOps 101 - “Shift Left” With Security into the Development Workflows

Today’s digital leaders need to understand DevOps concepts, pipelines, and personas.

Top considerations for cloud-native databases and data analytics

Accelerate delivery with containers and Kubernetes

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Definitive Guide to Google Chrome for the Apple Enterprise Fleet?

Deploy, enroll and manage Google Chrome with Jamf Pro to support your Apple enterprise fleet.

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Google + iPad = Education Game Changer

In this webinar, Google + iPad = Education Game Changer, we'll teach you how to improve the student learning experience by blending the best of Google and Apple.

eBook | Presented by JAMF

How Apple Enterprise Management Goes Beyond Mobile Device Management

In this e-book, we introduce you to Apple Enterprise Management and explain why a scalable and automated solution — designed specifically for Apple — is the best method to connect, manage and protect an entire Apple fleet.

How Edge Computing Will Transform Retail Banking

In this webcast, featuring experts from guest speaker IDC and Lumen, you’ll learn how edge computing will play an increasingly important role in creating differentiation, building operational resilience, and elevating the customer experience at the retail bank branch.

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Identity Management for Beginners

The modern worker is mobile, seamlessly transitions from laptop to tablet to phone throughout their day and needs access to their information and data everywhere they go.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Understanding the App Lifecycle: Patch Management

Managing apps through their lifecycle — from sourcing to updating to the experience users have — is a critical component of an IT admin’s job.

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