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eGuide | Presented by AWS

The Enterprise Guide to Machine Learning

Machine learning advances and the increasing importance of data have created the perfect formula for business transformation. Organizations of all sizes are leveraging leading-edge tech and data to impact processes, functions, teams, and the entire business ecosystem.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Unleash machine learning value

Your machine learning journey relies on the right implementation to drive real business value. Follow the proven path to success laid out in The Machine Learning Journey eBook. With a step-by-step guide, insights from AWS machine learning experts, and inspiring stories of success from industry leaders who’ve deployed business-differentiating solutions with the technology, this eBook helps every business leader. Use it to maximize results of machine learning initiatives at any stage of the journey.

Adapting Security Operations for a New Wave of Digital Transformation

The sudden workforce and economic changes we’ve all experienced this year have led to a new wave of digital transformation that security operations teams are now contending with.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

Data Analytics Tools: Top 10 Pricing Guide

Learn about the features and capabilities included in the most popular data analytics tools. Get this guide to compare the features, costs, and limitations of SelectHub’s top 10 picks for business analytics software tools.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Empower the Digital Workplace with Enterprise Chatbots

As AI and automation technologies weave their way into the enterprise, organizations must meet new expectations for how service is delivered to employees. This report will help you understand how work gets done in the cognitive era, and how to seamlessly merge technologies with enterprise chatbots.

eBook | Presented by Tableau Software

3 Shifts in the Modern Data Environment

This paper focuses on three shifts within the modern data environment that Information Technology leaders everywhere are starting to recognize as critical to the success of their overall organization’s ability to become data driven.

eGuide | Presented by Tableau Software

6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

In spite of the promises of modern BI, some organizations are hesitant to make a move away from their traditional platforms. To help dispel common fears and bring modern analytics to your organization, this eBook explores myths and misconceptions about migrating from traditional to modern BI.

eBook | Presented by Tableau Software

Building blocks of a modern analytics platform

This whitepaper will explore the building blocks that comprise a modern analytics platform the business and IT can use—together—to deliver data, value, and decisions for the whole company. This includes the new, shiny tools of today as well as the traditional tools that have been the foundation for business intelligence for decades.

eBook | Presented by Tableau Software

Driving Enterprise Transformation with Modern Data & Analytics

This paper will address key considerations and hurdles in the areas of people, process, and technology to support an enterprise-wide deployment of modern business intelligence and usher in its transformational potential through data-driven decision-making.

eBook | Presented by Tableau Software

Evaluation Guide: How to choose the right modern BI & analytics platform

The transition to a modern business intelligence model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach that includes the business in all aspects of the overall program. This guide focuses on the platform evaluation and selection. It is intended for IT to use collaboratively with business users and analysts as they assess each platform’s ability to execute on the modern analytics workflow and address the diverse needs of users across the organization.

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