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AI-Ready Enterprise Platform

NVIDIA and VMware have formed a strategic partnership to transform the data center to bring AI and modern workloads to every enterprise.

AI-Ready Enterprise Platform For Financial Services

Unleashing AI for Financial Services with an End-to-End Platform from NVIDIA and VMware

AI-Ready Enterprise Platform For Healthcare

Unleashing AI for Every Healthcare Enterprise with an End-to-End Platform from NVIDIA and VMware

Scaling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workloads

The business opportunities that can be achieved by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are exceptionally promising and potentially equally rewarding.


Streamlined development, agile operations, and accelerated innovation.

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Global Leader in Healthcare Enterprise Identification Software Launches EMPI Platform as Cloud-Based SaaS with Logicworks

Learn how NextGate launched the first fully-managed, cloud-based EMPI software on the AWS cloud with Logicworks and achieved HITRUST compliance.

eBook | Presented by Logicworks

Guide to Cloud Management Technical Requirements, Staffing, and Budget Planning

76% of IT leadership underestimates the cost & effort of cloud management. Companies that understand the time and investment needed to operate on the cloud gain a significant competitive advantage, mitigate risk, and are better positioned to scale and optimize to ensure long-term success.

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Industry Leading Multi-Enterprise Product & Supply Chain Platform Migrates Retail SaaS Platform to Microsoft Azure with Logicworks

Discover how a retail SaaS company migrated its supply chain platform from on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

Read Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions to learn how DEM can improve your web performance.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Raising the Bar for Remote Access

7 key steps in selecting a solution that meets mission-critical collaboration needs.

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