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eGuide | Presented by AWS

A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Regardless of where you are on your data modernization journey, this playbook will help you refine your strategy to effectively scale data, analytics, and machine learning across the enterprise, so you can accelerate innovation and drive your business forward.

eBook | Presented by Planview

Building High-Performing Agile Teams and Release Trains

Download “Building High-Performing Agile Teams and Release Trains” to answer important questions such as, "What is an Agile team?" and "How do you scale beyond an Agile team?".

eBook | Presented by Planview

Enterprise Kanban for Scaling Agile Teams

Download this eBook for the five benefits of using enterprise Kanban to create teams of teams (or Agile Release Trains) for your Agile transformation.

eBook | Presented by Planview

Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise

Download the Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise whitepaper to learn how Lean Portfolio Management will help your organization embrace new ways of working, unify and rollup financials across the business, and orchestrate transformation at the speed and work-style that is right for your enterprise.

eBook | Presented by Planview

The 7 Benefits for Scaling Agile: The Key Steps to Implementation Across Your Organization

Download “The 7 Benefits of Scaling Agile” to learn more about the benefits of scaling Agile and how to implement it across your enterprise.

eBook | Presented by Planview

How to Identify Your Value Streams: The value behind the business

The concept of making a shift from organizing around projects to thinking in terms of products or Value Streams may seem like a monumental change, but if you break it down, it’s attainable and achievable. Download the “How to Identify Value Streams” eBook now!

eBook | Presented by AWS

Application Modernization in the Enterprise: Architectural, Operational & Delivery Impacts

Many organizations begin their modernization journey by migrating to the cloud, but miss out on the full value of the cloud by not taking advantage of modern processes like DevOps, or technologies like serverless or containers. In this paper, IDC evaluates the current state of the market, and how modernization impacts architectural patterns, operational models, and software delivery processes in the enterprise.

eBook | Presented by AWS

Deloitte eBook: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership of Serverless Technologies when compared to Traditional Cloud

This eBook by Deloitte introduces a framework for comparing the total cost of ownership for both serverless and traditional applications. Learn how to evaluate the financial impact and business value of both a traditional server-based architecture (with Amazon EC2 instances) and a serverless model (with AWS Lambda functions).

eBook | Presented by AWS

The Forrester New Wave™: Function-As-A-Service Platforms, Q1 2020

In this 31-criterion evaluation of enterprise health cloud providers, the nine most significant ones are identified — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Atos, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NTT DATA, Philips, Rackspace, and SAP — researched, analyzed, and scored. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps digital business professionals select the right one for their needs.

eBook | Presented by D2iQ

Managing Kubernetes: From a Small Fleet to a Navy of Clusters

How do you effectively monitor and manage disparate clusters and contain the chaos of sprawl?

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