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Cloud NGFW: Best-in-Class Security Made Easy on AWS

Protect your AWS workloads with powerful network security from Palo Alto Networks. Effective, simple and designed for AWS.

White Paper | Presented by enVista

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tips & Tricks: Integration

Authored by Microsoft Business Applications MVP Nathan Clouse, this white paper offers insight on: • Tips and tricks for the top 7 Dynamics 365 integration approaches • Important pros, cons, and considerations for different use cases

Improving Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) with High Performance Computing (HPC)

With the proper application of HPC technology, healthcare and life sciences researchers can securely process large volumes of data to drive medical breakthroughs and improve outcomes for patients.

eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

Cloud NGFW: Best-in-Class Security, Unparalleled Simplicity on AWS

Keep your cybersecurity one step ahead with an ML-powered NGFW managed by Palo Alto Networks and delivered as a cloud-native service on AWS

White Paper | Presented by Vertex Inc

Tax Technology on the Edge: Strategies to Improve Accuracy, Performance and Scale for Retailers

This paper delves into how businesses can make a rapid difference to their customer experience by deploying edge and container functionality. 

Cloud Success: To the Cloud, Through the Cloud, and Beyond

Look carefully before you leap into a cloud migration.

What is “cloud-smart” and how will that drive ROI?

Nearly every company has cloud modernization in its sights, but too many organizations find themselves stuck in low gear, missing out on the intended benefits of cloud-enabled digital transformation and what it can unlock.

White Paper | Presented by EnVista

The 10 “Must-Haves” For OMS Projects

The right OMS strategy will not only enable buy, fulfill and return anywhere, customer-centric commerce, it will be agile and profitable.

eBook | Presented by AWS + AppDynamics

6 Ways to Accelerate Migration to AWS

Migrating to AWS is a significant step forward for most organizations that promises numerous short, medium, and long-term benefits.

Step Up Your Game for Hybrid Work Security

Most businesses are adjusting to the reality that some form of hybrid work is here to stay. That poses challenges for how organizations can securely extend the work environment while ensuring the flexibility needed to adjust quickly to change.

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