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White Paper | Presented by Digital Realty

PDx™ Design Guide: Optimize Data Exchange with AWS Outposts

Leverage this design guide and the companion blueprint to build your new centers of data exchange today.

White Paper | Presented by Digital Realty

PDx™ Blueprint: Optimize Data Exchange with AWS Outposts

Traditional IT architectures are performance-constrained, exhibit higher total cost of ownership, struggle to maintain compliance, and cannot easily integrate data analytics into workflows.

White Paper | Presented by Randori

The SANS Guide to Evaluating Attack Surface Management

Attack surface management (ASM) is an emerging category that helps organizations better manage risk by providing an external perspective of their attack surface.

eBook | Presented by D-Wave Systems

Practical Quantum Computing

Discover the advantages of quantum computing with our practical guide, and find out how leading companies worldwide are leveraging D-Wave technology to push past the limitations they face today.

Case Study | Presented by D-Wave Systems

Toyota Central R&D Labs: A Quantum Approach to Transportation

Shifting gears on traffic signal optimization.

White Paper | Presented by D-Wave Systems

An Introduction to D-Wave Technology

This report presents a high-level overview of the annealing-based quantum computers manufactured by D-Wave.

Building Resilient Manufacturing Operations Through Asset Management and IoT

The manufacturing environment is changing faster than ever before.

Accelerate Business Growth with Tech Data: The Journey of an IoT Opportunity

This webinar will feature a deeper exploration into building up your customer’s trust and investment into IoT and Data Solutions.

Case Study | Presented by D-Wave Systems

How Menten AI is Reimagining Biology with Quantum-Powered Protein Design

Solving the astronomically large search problems of protein design.

Quantum Computing Industry Report

The research and advisory firm 451 Research recently surveyed over 250 enterprise decision-makers based in the US, UK, Germany and France about their experience with quantum computers and their plans in the near future.

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