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eBook | Presented by SolarWinds

The Monitoring ELI5 Guide Technology Terms Explained Simply

The realm of IT, from an outsider’s perspective can seem dauntingly complex. The goal of this eBook is to explain intricate IT ideas simply – very, very simply, in terms that just about anyone can understand.

eBook | Presented by SolarWinds

Thou Shalt Not Pass… I Think?!

The goal of this eBook is to provide you with a deeper understanding of the amazing tools we now have to work with, and learn why we should be demanding more from our monitoring and managing software solutions. Download SolarWinds' new eBook, Thou Shalt Not Pass… I Think?!, to learn more!

White Paper | Presented by SolarWinds

Zero to Hero — 12 Essential Tips for the Accidental DBA

This quick read will get you going in the right direction in less than 30 minutes. In this whitepaper, you'll learn 12 essential tips for working with SQL Server.

Building Resilient Manufacturing Operations Through Asset Management and IoT

The manufacturing environment is changing faster than ever before.

Accelerate Business Growth with Tech Data: Delivering Value to Customers through Outcomes

The real value of IoT and Data Solutions is the associated business outcome and the value driven for the customer’s business.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Teradata

Top 7 Success Factors for the Cloud

Learn about hidden costs, understand how to find pricing solutions that meet current and future needs, and know the “7 factors” to success in the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by Orca Security

The Orca Security 2020 State of Virtual Appliance Security

How responsible are your software vendors?

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

6 must-dos for securing remote workers

Work-from-anywhere is the new reality.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Data and Digital Citizen Services Post COVID-19

Download your copy of Data and Digital Citizen Services Post COVID-19 and discover how you can leverage the right data platform to ensure a data-first strategy that helps you.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Enabling Your At-Home Workforce Three Tips for Successful Collaboration

In order to maintain productive collaboration, organizations need to rethink their at-home employee connections.

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