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eBook | Presented by Scantron

Keep your remote enterprise operations secure

Shore up your defenses now. Read the new e-book Into the era of secure remote work ?for the latest ideas from Scantron and Microsoft on how to stay ahead of swiftly changing threats in the shifting remote work landscape.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Tamr

Leading with Data Mastering: Getting the Most from Your Cloud Migration

Successful cloud migrations improve the quality of your data as well as move it to a modern cloud infrastructure. Leading migrations with data mastering generates clean, curated and enriched records that set your organization up for analytic success.

White Paper | Presented by Tamr

Leading with Data Mastering: Getting The Most From Your Google Cloud Migration

A cloud migration strategy that is optimized for ROI not only moves, but improves data.

Pandemic Ready: How BlackBerry Is Keeping Employees Safe Case Study

Now more than ever, organizations need to establish resilient, sustainable, and flexible communication.

Securing DevOps 101 - “Shift Left” With Security into the Development Workflows

Today’s digital leaders need to understand DevOps concepts, pipelines, and personas.

Top considerations for cloud-native databases and data analytics

Accelerate delivery with containers and Kubernetes

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Understanding the App Lifecycle: Patch Management

Managing apps through their lifecycle — from sourcing to updating to the experience users have — is a critical component of an IT admin’s job.

Video & AI Acceleration

Living in such a video-centric world, we will take a closer look at what we do best, in cloud transcoding and how AI is accelerating the transformation of the industrial vision applications.

White Paper | Presented by OutSystems

Why IT Struggles with Innovation and What to Do About It

There is a growing divide between innovation leaders and laggards. In a recent study, we found that just 21% of senior IT professionals believe that they are more capable than their competitors when it comes to change.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Definitive Guide to Google Chrome for the Apple Enterprise Fleet?

Deploy, enroll and manage Google Chrome with Jamf Pro to support your Apple enterprise fleet.

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