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eGuide | Presented by AWS

A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Regardless of where you are on your data modernization journey, this playbook will help you refine your strategy to effectively scale data, analytics, and machine learning across the enterprise, so you can accelerate innovation and drive your business forward.

White Paper | Presented by TruQua

Gaining financial, operational and strategic advantages with Explainable AI

Most pieces written about Enterprise AI (Artificial Intelligence) focus on automating business processes for a very simple reason – it doesn’t take any imagination to see the value.

Rethinking Storage for Modern Data Analytics

Data analytics is considered among the top disruptive technologies that will impact how businesses and even entire industries will operate, according to IDG’s CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020. However, unless companies have the right storage infrastructure in place, analytics applications won’t deliver on their expected business value. Micah Montgomery, Senior Solutions Architect at Sirius, explains the challenges and considerations.

The Backup Plan: Ensuring Fast Recovery from Ransomware

Recovery of systems from ransomware can average anywhere from 3 to 16 days, and cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s critical to have a comprehensive approach to data protection — one that includes protecting backup data, says Tony Roberts, Senior Solutions Engineer at Sirius.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

3 Steps for Short-Term and Long-Term Cost and Capacity Management Success

This e-book offers a road map for how these teams can navigate the steps required of them. It shows how, by establishing the right approaches and capabilities now, teams can not only meet their immediate demands, but set the stage for long-term success.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Accelerate digital transformation with modern integrated ITSM-ITOM

As IT environments become increasingly complex, dynamic, and distributed—and the world becomes more unpredictable—businesses can’t afford to struggle with outdated IT infrastructure. By pivoting to integrated ITSM and ITOM in the cloud, you can give your organization the agility, efficiency, and quality to move forward with confidence.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Accelerate Multi-Cloud Adoption

While adoption trends show that companies continue to move to the cloud in large numbers, many are struggling to accelerate their initiatives. Although the cloud can improve business agility, accelerate innovation, lower costs, and enhance operational efficiency, IT organizations often run into obstacles that can complicate deployment, lead to excess capacity and wasted spending, and compromise security and compliance.

Video/Webcast | Presented by BMC Software

Business Continuity in Unprecedented Times

s the COVID-19 crisis disrupts work practices, business processes, and supply chains around the world, IT organizations must adapt quickly. Watch this webinar to learn how a full understanding of infrastructure, software, and service dependencies can help you ensure continuity as your environment changes.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Maintaining Speed of Innovation and Service Management Excellence

Maintain consistency, control, and compliance without slowing agility. ITSM and DevOps teams often seem to work at cross-purposes, but they have the same goal: driving value for the business. In this white paper, you’ll learn how the ITIL4 framework can help these groups work together effectively to speed innovation while maintaining service management excellence.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

SaaS: Accelerating Success of Operation and Business Outcomes

Learn how to effectively and efficiently deliver the features and functionality required of this modern digital economy SaaS technologies provide organizations with new innovations and capabilities that are required to compete at hyper-speed with hyper-innovation. It’s time to think next, think transformation, and think SaaS.

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