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Techniques for Dealing with Ransomware, Business Email Compromise and Spearphishing

Phishing, spearphishing, CEO Fraud/Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware represent a group of critical security threats that virtually every organization will encounter at some point - and most already have. This white paper addresses these critical security problems and offers 14 best practices for making organizations more secure.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

3 Ways Text Messaging Exposes Government Organizations to Massive Risk

Texting is simple, concise and compatible with virtually every mobile device, operating system and wireless carrier - making it extremely accessible when a government official or employee wants to communicate with staff or community members in a time-crunched world. But even though text is easy, reliable and intuitive - if it's used for official business communications, it can create tremendous risk.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

Digital Record Management for Government

State, federal, and local government agencies need to keep important records (including digital communications) for a long time, to stay in compliance with public records laws, open meeting, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and various state sunshine laws. If an agency has email, social media, web and other digital communications related to business activities, records must be available to anyone who asks for them.

eBook | Presented by Safebreach

Get a Virtual Hacker on Your Squad

Can you answer the question "Are we secure?" If you're only as strong as your security defenses, understanding how well the controls that you've deployed will stand up to attackers is critical. This eBook looks at how breach simulations can quantify your security risks and continuously validate the efficacy of your security controls.

White Paper | Presented by Safebreach

Hacker's Playbook 2nd Edition

Download the SafeBreach Hacker's Playbook, the first report of its kind to report on enterprise security trends and issues from the perspective of an attacker. Incorporating analysis of more than 4 million breach methods executed in real-world enterprise deployments, you will learn how attackers view you as a target, the mistakes security teams are making in their organization, and best practices to stay secure.

How Analytics Optimize Migration to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Other Public Clouds

The question of whether to transition enterprise applications to the cloud is a valid question in most organizations. Determining which applications should go and how to maintain control once they are there, however, is slowing down the journey to the cloud. Join us for this on-demand webinar featuring Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director of Hybrid Cloud at EMA, and Andrew Hillier, CTO at CiRBA.

White Paper | Presented by Safebreach

Learning From Hackers: Understanding Your Adversaries For Better Security

Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest challenge for organizations today. To better defend against attackers, organizations must better understand how they think and act. Read this whitepaper to understand the steps hackers take to breach an organization and how to defend with an offensive mindset.

White Paper | Presented by Safebreach

Playing CyberWar Games For Better Security

Military leaders have long recognized the importance of war games to test their battle-readiness. This whitepaper looks at the importance of conducting regular cyber war games to validate your people, process and technologies, and ultimately strengthen your defenses.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

The Government Social Media Survival Guide

Public sector organizations have a lot to offer the communities they serve through social media. Updates on your website or items on your city council meeting agenda can now foster real-time interaction with your constituents.

White Paper | Presented by Smarsh

The Public Sector Guide to Social Media Strategy and Policy

Use social media with confidence. This guide contains practical steps that will help public sector agencies and departments develop a social media strategy and policy to gain maximum value from social media efforts. It also outlines some smart records retention practices - so you'll be better prepared to respond to open records requests or other e-discovery needs when they arise.

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