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Healthcare Solution Brief: Connection-Driven Care

Accessing data at the point-of-care is a given in healthcare today, thanks to the rush to adopt EHRs and clinicians embracing use of tablets and smartphones. Yet concerns over security, application access and overall ease-of-use are still significant hurdles. This paper focuses on the challenges healthcare workers, both in and out of clinic, face in the growing mobile world.

A Practical Guide for GDPR Compliance

The GDPR demands significant data protection safeguards to be implemented by organizations. The time to get ready is now, as the consequences of getting it wrong are significant and could cause tremendous harm to any organization, anywhere in the world. This white papers offers not only practical advice about GDPR Compliance, but also a checklist of key areas to address.

Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry finds itself under cyber attack from many vectors, including ransomware, malware and targeted attacks. While these attacks specifically cause direct harm to IT systems, it's the flow-on effects that have the industry reeling. This white paper offers practical advice about what healthcare organizations can do to improve their cyber security posture.

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Preparing Your Business Continuity Strategy

A solid emergency response plan and business continuity plan can help mitigate the impacts of an unexpected disruption. You've spend many hours putting in place resources to help you grow your business, it makes sense to spend time putting in place a plan that can keep your business going if those resources (such as business phones, email and other forms of communication) experience an unexpected outage.

Connecting Financial Services' Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Having the right network resources in place is key to benefiting from the advantages of hybrid IT. But many financial services organizations' investments in network connectivity trail the massive expansion of data traversing networks and connecting to cloud services.

Fundamentals of Hybrid Connectivity

In order to execute on digital transformation strategies, IT leaders must ensure that the network includes a mix of high-performing, secure, public-private connections that scale efficiently.

How to Get Full Value from Your Hybrid Network

To achieve lower costs and greater performance, IT leaders must steer clear of hidden pitfalls that can make a successful hybrid WAN or SD-WAN deployment difficult. Read on to learn what to watch out for.

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Lessons in Archiving for Public Sector Agencies

In this three-part e-book, Don DeLoach walks public sector organizations through the key elements needed to respond quickly and accurately to open records requests: identifying what information needs to be retained and archived, best practices and procedures for retaining communications, finding and implementing an automated solution, and the important roles stakeholders play in the records response process.

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Public Safety Departments & Text Messaging

In this report, Smarsh examines how public safety agencies can create policies that allow for compliant use of SMS/text messaging, and how to retain and archive those communications for a more efficient response to open records requests.

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The Public Sector Guide to Social Media Strategy and Policy 2017 Edition

This guide contains practical steps that will help public sector agencies and departments develop a social media strategy and policy to gain maximum value from social media efforts. It also outlines some smart records retention practices-so you'll be better prepared to respond to open records requests.

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