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White Paper | Presented by ADP

5 Reasons Outsourcing is Smart

Managing payroll in-house can be challenging to maintain for growing businesses. Fortunately, you can free up a lot of time, energy, and resources by letting a provider handle it. Find out why you should outsource with these top 5 reasons.

How to Develop an Effective Cloud Strategy

Following the crowd to the cloud could yield disappointing results. You need a plan that accurately matches the strengths of different cloud services with your company's needs.

Security, Compliance: Twin Challenges Call for Unified Response

As digital business opportunities expand, companies face a number of daunting challenges. Foremost among them is the growing number of cyber attacks, as threat actors proliferate across a variety of attack vectors. Do you have your response ready?

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

6 Must Know Facts About Indirect Access

Indirect access has become a hot topic amongst SAP users in recent months and we would to share some of our knowledge and experiences. This document will help you gain some understanding on how important indirect access usage can effect an organization.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

8 Tips For A Successful SAP Audit

SAP audits can be complex and costly if you are not prepared. Not only can audits have a financial cost but it also has a resource cost. To better prepare yourself for the next SAP audit, follow these 8 tips and you will get into the right mindset for a successful audit.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

Take Control over Licensing for Indirect Access

In recent years, enterprises have faced the difficult burden of paying for many additional SAP licenses as a result of users who access or use SAP systems indirectly. Accessing SAP indirectly means consuming SAP's data in other applications.

White Paper | Presented by ActiveState

Key Considerations When Selecting the Right Languages for Your Web Applications

Selecting the right language for web applications can be a daunting task. This guide compares Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Node.js and PHP with pros and cons of each to help you drive your digital-first strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Smart Industry

Digital Transformation: 2017 State of Initiative Report

This three-year study shows a rising tide of consensus around digital technology's transformative potential for the manufacturing and process fields, particularly for those affiliated with businesses' IT operations/management/architecture, data analytics, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

Evaluation Guide: How to Choose the Right BI & Analytics Platform

The transition to a modern business intelligence model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach that includes the business in all aspects of the overall program. This guide focuses on the platform evaluation and selection.

Redefining the role of IT in a Modern BI World

As self-service analytics becomes the norm, the role of IT is evolving from a producer to a strategic partner. IT professionals are helping their organizations transition from a traditional top-down approach to analytics driven by IT to a self-service approach enabled by IT and led by the business.

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