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Video/Webcast | Presented by Unisys

Accelerating Digital IT Transformation with Secure Cloud

Join Unisys VP of Cloud and Infrastructure services Allen McMichael and Global Director of Service Management Andrew Harsch as they discuss the current issues clients are facing and how you can transform your existing legacy landscape to a secure software defined enterprise with the use of secure cloud to better react, support and innovate to become a more digital IT operation.

Solving Time Synchronization in Windows-Based Networks

Keeping accurate time in Windows-based networks is notoriously difficult and only getting harder. Read this white paper to learn how to solve these challenges, meet upcoming legislative standards, and directly address the timekeeping problem in virtual environments.

Why Quality Network Time Sync Matters for Enterprise

Read this white paper to learn about the many mission-critical operations and applications that require an accurate, secure, and reliable timekeeping mechanism and best practices for quality network timekeeping in the enterprise.

eGuide: Content Delivery Networks in the Cloud World

In this eGuide, InfoWorld and Network World present some fixes needed to get the network ready for the IoT revolution, what to consider as organizations shift more business-critical applications to the cloud, how personalized online content is changing internet performance requirements, the importance of your website or online content being reachable and more.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Coresite

How to Connect your Private and Public Clouds

Building a hybrid cloud solution is not easy. Watch the whiteboard demo to learn how colocation allows you to access all of your providers in a single location in order to reduce costs and improve performance.

Resources/Tool | Presented by Coresite

The Colocation Calculator

Our Colocation Savings Calculator is a tool designed to provide clarity around the cost of managing data in-house vs. trusting it to a 3rd party. Will the switch be cost-effective? Enter your requirements and see how much colocation can save you.

Anything to Anywhere, Risk-Free, Near-Zero Downtime Migrations to Cloud or New Physical and Virtual Servers

Businesses that want to trim computing costs and improve efficiency have to take the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing for their server workloads into serious consideration. The value of simplified deployment and management - plus lower cost of ownership for infrastructure is increasingly clear.

Fast, Predictable, Near-Zero Downtime Workload Migrations

Migration solutions designed for quick implementation of new systems, regardless of OS or Hypervisor. Execute quick, easy, predictable migrations with near-zero downtime, even in complex environments. Implement a better technology - faster for a more favorable ROI.

Increase Business Agility Through Real-time Data Sharing

Sharing data across different databases, applications and physical, virtual or cloud platforms can be complex and have a negative impact on productivity and revenue. And, if you're not analyzing up-to-the-minute data housed in your disparate systems, you're missing out on valuable business intelligence.

Microsoft SQL Server Upgrades Made Easy

Upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server can drive success by driving down costs and maximizing productivity. In benchmark tests, SQL Server 2014 measured 13 times faster than SQL Server 2005 and 5.5 times faster than SQL Server 2008. Imagine how that additional speed could accelerate your business!

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