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White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Balancing Cloud-Based Email Benefits With Security

As organizations try to take advantage of the business benefits and cost savings afforded by cloud offerings, email software as a service (SaaS) stands as one of the easiest first paths toward cloud adoption.

White Paper | Presented by Delphix

DevOps Market Trends

In the fast-evolving DevOps space, it's important to remain up to date on which tools are delivering cutting-edge value. In this Gartner report, learn how DevOps Enabled tools like Delphix Data as a Service are integrating.

DNS User Guide

With the DNS User Guide, you can better understand the complexities of DNS, and how optimizing your DNS servers will improve the performance of your website.

eCommerce Web Performance Results: Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014

The rapid influx of online shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has made it more difficult to meet the increasing expectations of users.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Finding Email Security In The Cloud

How can you embrace the benefits of cloud-based email and productivity solutions without compromising security or adding risk?

White Paper | Presented by Delphix

Gleanster State of DevOps Report

DevOps is a dynamic, rapidly evolving space-and a clear understanding of DevOps is vital to keeping your application development projects competitive. How have the most successful organizations invested in the DevOps approach?

How to Deliver Great eCommerce Experiences

Learn not just how to deliver exceptional performance and user experiences throughout the year, but how to implement failsafe systems in case you do experience outages beyond your control.

White Paper | Presented by Delphix

IT Revolution Guide to DevOps

Download the definitive guide to DevOps and learn more about how to get started on your DevOps journey. The DevOps revolution is transforming the way we deliver software.

White Paper | Presented by Symantec

Protect Your End-of-Life Windows Server

When software vendors announce a product end-of-life (EOL), customers typically have 24 to 30 months to plan and execute their migration strategies. This period is typically referred to as limited support.

Scaling the Great Wall: How to Deliver Superior Web Performance to End Users in China

This ebook covers how to overcome the unique content delivery challenges posed by the Chinese web infrastructure, and how to monitor your Chinese site to ensure fast and reliable performance.

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