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White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

Addressing the Threat Within: Rethinking Network Security Deployment

The volume of breaches, scale and magnitude is forcing IT to re-think how cyber security gets deployed, managed and addressed. At the heart of this change is a fundamental shift in the assumptions and the model of cyber security operations.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

Application Session Filtering

The application landscape of organizations is changing. Today's networks carry more volumes of HTTP and HTTPS traffic than anything else. In this paper we will address the need for applicationaware traffic visibility and how tools that need to provide deep security inspection services can greatly benefit from it.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

Application Session Filtering Cookbook

This guide presents a number of examples of how to use Application Session Filtering (ASF) in step-by-step recipes.

Case Study | Presented by Gigamon

Case Study: Banking and Insurance Group Simplifies its Monitoring and Forensics Operations with Gigamon

Belgian banking and insurance group, KBC, uses a Gigamon Visibility Fabric to simplify and scale the connection of its data center network to a range of security, monitoring and forensics tools, each operated by different departments within IT operations.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

Challenges in NetFlow and Metadata Generation

NetFlow and other network metadata generation methods are a simple, effective way to increase visibility into traffic flows and usage patterns across systems. The flow-generated data can be used to build relationships and usage patterns between nodes on the network.

Case Study | Presented by Gigamon

George Washington University Leverages Gigamon's GigaSECURE to Improve Network Visibility and Security Posture

Elite university is able to focus security solutions on the most crucial traffic and increase efficiencies across the board.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

MarketFocus: An In-Depth Analysis from Gigamon

Recognizing a breach in your network requires visibility into the traffic itself. SC Magazine asked its readers just how much visibility they have into their network activity. The answers might surprise you.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

SSL Decryption: The 4 Application Requirements

SSL encryption is the cornerstone technology that makes the Internet secure. Email, e-commerce, voice-over-IP, online banking, remote health, and countless other services are kept secure with SSL. Unfortunately, most of that traffic goes uninspected because many security and performance monitoring tools lack the ability to see inside the encrypted sessions.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

Tech Dossier: A Security Delivery Platform Benefits the Entire Organization

It's not a secret that the cyberthreat landscape has changed dramatically, rendering many traditional approaches to protecting the organization and its information ineffective or inadequate. The problem is not with the individual security solutions, but with the fact that they're not often deployed and managed with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. This creates "holes" and vulnerabilities that hackers will exploit.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

The Road to SDN is Paved with Visibility and Many Good Intentions

The centerpiece of this papers guidance lies with pervasive network visibility. This paper concludes with explaining how starting today, organizations have access to this one unifying framework that is easy and fast to implement, and serves as a foundational building block to see them through server virtualization, to SDN, to cloud adoption and beyond.

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